FS: Creative JB3 80Gb (UK based)
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Headphoneus Supremus
Oct 3, 2002

It’s time for this venerable beast to go. It was a 100Gb, but I’ve just bumped it down to an 80 gigger by fitting a spare drive as I needed the 100gb to add to my notebook-drive RAID array. I’ve just tested it by formatting the disc in a PC and it checked out without any errors. The firmware loaded is the last US version.

The JB3 is fully functional. It comes complete with IR remote, FM/voice record remote, two batteries in full working order, one rather tattered PVC case (level of tattering visible on photo… front is fine), international voltage AC charger (UK plug > IEC figure of 8 cable. Substitute with IEC cable for your own country).

The original Firefire cable is included, the mini USB lead is not included.



The JB3 itself is in decent condition. The visible handling marks seem to be limited to a nick on the side and scuffing on the upper right hand side of the player due to case fitting / removal struggles. The FM remote / IR remote are in good condition. Both remote and main unit still have the original screen protectors on.

I’ll ship the Zen Vision M version of Mediasource. It may also be possible to transfer my copy of Notmad Explorer to you.

Included without charge is a PCI Firewire card which should work… I pulled it from a PC not so long ago on which it was working, and also a mini-mini firewire cable for laptops. The original 20Gb disc will also be included if you wish.

I’d like to invite sensible offers. Will not split.

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