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FS: Cowon S9 32gb

  1. EddieE
    OK well I guess I have to set a price, and I'm still not sure what the used market value price for this is... I'll say £200 but open to offers.

    I'll edit the post to make details clearer:
    1. Mint contition Cowon S9 32gb - not a scratch on the screen - it's about a year old and I'm the first owner
    2. Cowon leather case thrown in for free - the latch (which connected to the back) has been snipped in half and velcro added to the back for amp attatchment so it is far from mint (but is a lot more convenient for those who like an amp with their DAP) - hence it being free. Regardless of the latch not latching anymore it keeps shut in your pocket. I did mean to get around to modding it to close again but since there didn't seem to be a need I never bothered.
    3. Cowon USB cable included (uses an odd kind to allow higher quality TV-Out)
    4. Crapola ear buds given away, trust me, if you use this site you don't care [​IMG]
    5. If packaging is a deal breaker, I can retreive it, and it is in great condition, but this might add a bit to delivery time as it's stored at the house of a friend currently in hospital.
    6. I will promise to send it on to whoever buys it when I get it back anyway
    7. Will come loaded with media. Obviously copyright law demands you delete it on arrival [​IMG]

    IMO it's the best DAP on the planet released right now. I'm only selling this to raise money towards my next purchase; it's a tough decision as I do love this DAP.

    PM me with offers and questions. I'm on holiday until next Tuesday so will answer PMs when I return. Will try and get some photos up then too but check my feedback though - I pride myself on being open and honest and describing items exactly as they are down to the smallest detail.

    Thanks for reading [​IMG]
  2. EddieE
  3. orb2k
    still for sale?
  4. EddieE
    I'd forgotten about this one, yeah I guess it is.
  5. ckdv77
    Cowon s9 still available?

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