FS: Complete Hornet-centered portable setup
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Apr 22, 2003
Shifting from portable audio to home-based setup, so I need to free up some cash from the items I'm not finding myself using as much. First, ground rules:

1) I am not breaking up this set
2) I am not breaking up this set
3) I am not breaking up this set

The three items included here are the Hornet, a Creative Zen Neeon, and a Headphile-built mini-to-mini cable.

The highlight of this set is Ray Samuels' Hornet portable amp, which is serial #9056. It comes with two 9V rechargeable batteries and charger. The box for the Hornet is at a different address, so I may be able to get it to the buyer eventually, but not upon initial purchase. I have converted the case of the Hornet into a holder for the Neeon with the help of a bit of duct tape. The Hornet comes in great shape, it has almost no damage to it since it's been in its holder basically the entire time I've had it.

The Neeon is a good, no frills player that has 5gb capacity. The front of the player has a sticky cover on it, and the rear is a purple anodized steel (I believe) sheet. I think there is more current firmware available for it, but I haven't downloaded it at this point. There are some scuffs on both sides of the player, but nothing especially bad. Probably 7/10 Audiogon scale.

FS thread for the mini-to-mini -- http://www4.head-fi.org/forums/showthread.php?t=135111. I have trimmed the inner heatshrink from the cable itself because that part started to crack a little while ago.

I am looking for $450 shipped for this set. I would only sell the items separately if I get individual purchase requests for each of the individual items.




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