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    I finally go back with DAP (Sony WM1Z) as I have not enough time to enjoy my headphones.

    So I am selling my Chord Hugo 2 which I have bought new last 7th April 2018.
    It's really as new and come with 3 years warranty (07/04/2021).

    I arrived on head-fi not a long time ago but I have a lot of feedbacks (same name and avatar) on French forum tellementnomade.org

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  2. ZeDuK
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  3. ZeDuK
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  4. ZeDuK
    Bump !
    Price is now 1800€ +50% shipment cost +Paypal fees if requiered.
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  5. ZeDuK
    Please send me PM if you need more pictures or have questions.
    The Hugo 2 is really in mint condition (3 months now but less than 30 hours), in its box ready to go.
    Don't spend your summer without great sound !

    You can go here :
    And see I am a trustable seller.
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  6. ZeDuK
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  7. ZeDuK
  8. ZeDuK
    Price is now 1750€ +50% shipment cost +Paypal fees if requiered.
  9. ZeDuK
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