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FS : Chi-fi iem’s (IT01, IDUN, OSV-3)

Trader History (13)
  1. hejjafish
    For Sale
    Ship to:
    •   United States
    For sale are a few excellent Chinese iems.

    All prices include shipping and paypal costs.

    • Ibasso IT01 $85
    • Kinera Idun $110
    • Hifi boy osv3 $125
    Ibasso it01
    I know I opened all the silicon tip packs but, I’m pretty sure I never used any. So, use at your discretion.
    A2C1D9F9-645C-487D-8B9D-CA0F63266748.jpeg 4B338C8F-80E5-41E4-9A2A-0AE624A41B09.jpeg 92083C3D-C0C3-46D6-8CEC-77903FFD64C6.jpeg 8210EB91-1DB8-47FF-BF66-0CCBAF973F96.jpeg

    Kinera Idun
    I ended up with 2 of these. Cable and accessories are untouched.
    D47E2A13-3F3C-430B-8A25-B9C1BCBB4DD8.jpeg 06DB1BC8-DE6B-4935-977C-71F922257767.jpeg CAC37ED0-2256-4C30-9BAE-5A31340B663D.jpeg

    Hifi boy osv3
    Wonderful sounding monitors. Again, accessories are unused.
    46601057-54EC-4DDB-B51A-6EC3C58F2E06.jpeg 8E7865CB-8C17-4C57-93E3-A2FB7224214A.jpeg 8EC5ECD3-482F-4697-832F-AA80B0F7F2B4.jpeg 49FE24E7-28C8-4930-82F4-111BCDF5CE1A.jpeg C1FB69B1-1E6F-4600-916F-58A5A2AD87AF.jpeg B8E6BB3D-3F55-44C8-8906-51DE6EAF88A9.jpeg

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