FS: Cavalli CTH + SDAC w/ bonus tubes, Audeze LCD-3, Hifiman HE-500, AKG N90Q

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  1. elwappo99
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    1. Audeze LCD-3 - $950 shipped (CONUS only).

    These had their drivers replaced 2 months ago from Audeze. They will now have a 2 year 10 month warranty to any purchaser.

    Overall good condition, but there are a few nicks in the cup and a bit of wear on the headband (see pics)

    LCD-3 Headphones.
    Monoprice hard shell case
    Balanced stock cable
    SE stock cable

    More Pictures: https://imgur.com/a/r3zsd


    4. Cavalli CTH with SDAC built in! Terrific all in one - $280 Shipped

    This unit also comes with upgraded Amperex "Bugle Boy" and Sylvania tubes (most people replace the stock anyway). It does not include stock cable.

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  2. elwappo99
    upup - not looking for trades except maybe a phonitor 2 or E
  3. PacoTaco
    Do you still have the CTH?
  4. elwappo99
    Yup, CTH and LCD-3 both still available.
  5. elwappo99
    closed -- CTH sold

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