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    See all pics here: https://photos.app.goo.gl/mdBLyh5nGSOUp5D62

    These are in near perfect condition, with the exception of a tiny nick or two that I could barely make out on the blue part of the housings. I tried to get them to show up in the photos, but they didn't render - that's how small we're talking. Otherwise fantastic visually as you can see. Audibly they are AOK, no sonic issues or irregularities. Solid MMCX connections.

    Comes with everything shown in the pic, so basically all original accessories. All original tips are included and unused (even the spinfits) - with the exception of the medium foams, which I can include, but they've been used.

    Received these about a week ago from a trusted headfier (with lots of seller feedback) who I've actually met in person. Great guy BTW. Any way, these just aren't for me. I can praise them for their technicalities, but just can't get past the heat in the upper midrange with the music I listen to (Prog rock). For EDM and other electronica, hip hop, they sounded outstanding and the tuning suited that style of music perfectly.

    I paid him $395 all-in (paypal fees and shipping) - and that's what I'm hoping to recover, having only used them a few hours. I'll eat the paypal and shipping if you pay flat 395. Thx.

    I'll consider best offers, but won't reply unless it's to set up a sale - not being rude, just don't have the time.

    Also, I really prefer to ship to the US - so there'd have to be some "compelling" reason for me to deviate from that preference.


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  2. buonassi
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