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[FS] Campfire Andromeda - Pacific Blue, Audeze LCD2 Aluminum w. Carbon Fiber headband + Vegan pads, Hifiman Edition X V2, HD800 xlr cable--SOLD

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  1. BuddhaBruce
    For Sale
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    •   United States
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    Happy Monday guys, I've got a few great offerings today. If you can't tell I love limited edition models and aesthetics play a big role in what I buy. If there is a premium offering of a product or a special edition, I tend to jump for those. Currently looking to reduce my collection and recoup some funds to put towards my car. I apologize in advance for my shitty pictures. Feel free to offer!

    Campfire Andromeda CK - Pacific Blue
    We all know and love this guy. Simply put, it's one of the best IEMs you can get at any price. This guy is b-stock but I've examined them thoroughly and there are NO signs of wear. I am the first owner and as with all my gear I keep them in top notch condition. The pacific blue color way is a limited edition of 350 pieces ever made. On top of that these have a Cerakote coating that is quite durable and resistant to wear. The Andros will come with all original packaging, carry case, various tips, and CA pin.


    Price: $SOLD

    Audeze LCD2 - Aluminum with carbon fiber headband + vegan suede pads
    Up next I have a mint Audeze LCD2, newest driver revision. These are in my top 5 for best looking headphones out there. I'm sorry, my pictures do it no justice but the combo of the aluminum shells and carbon fiber headband is out of this world. The sound is pretty amazing too. I'm on the fence of selling these honestly. The aluminum version was a limited release by Adorama that is no longer available. I think these were the best released ones as it's durability is best compared to the wood offerings. The carbon fiber headband retails for $200, so please take that into consideration. Vegan pads are a rare commodity too apparently. Headphones will come with Audeze travel case, 1/4 cable, original headband, additional set of leather pads.

    Considering the headband (200) and pads (100) are an additional $300, you are getting an lcd2 for $430. Premium upgrades


    Price: $730 shipped

    Hifiman Edition X V2
    I have a new open box unused pair for Hifiman edition x v2 for sale. I bought this new in open box condition, but have not opened the package myself.
    This is one of the best value headphones out there with a sound stage rivaling the HD800. In fact, if you read over the Ananda (headphone that was supposed to replace the hex v2) thread oh Headfi, the consensus it that the Hex v2 is simply better with more visceral bass and a warmer tone, and I feel the same. So much that I bought a second one as a replacement for my current edition x v2. I decided to just keep my current as I've modded it quite a bit and looking to sell the new one. These are sold out everywhere and now discontinued!!


    Price: $SOLD

    HD 800 Custom Balanced Cable
    I used this cable with my Campfire Cascade and it served me well. Very well made, soft, light weight, and minimal microphonics. An excellently built cable with high quality materials. A neutrik 4 pin XLR and Eliodic connectors.


    Price: $80 shipped.

    Only trades I am interested in are a pair of b stock LCD i4 or some amazing portable can
    Last edited: Nov 5, 2018
  2. Dissentia
    PM Sent.
  3. TranquilWyvern
    Wowow! GLWS!
  4. BuddhaBruce
    Andromeda sold!
  5. rockytopwiz
    Nice desk pad! I've got the ice cream version, lol. Bumpsies
    BuddhaBruce likes this.
  6. BuddhaBruce
    Hifiman SOLD. Aluminum LCD2 with CF headband and Vegan pads is left.
    Last edited: Nov 5, 2018
  7. FeiTow
    Hey just wanted to say that I bought the HEX v2 from Sean and he's a solid guy! Thanks!
  8. Gohtret
    I'll take the LCD's
  9. Gohtret
    Tried posting on the reddit post but didn't have enough cred or something.
    But I'll take the LCD's so message me on here or however you do it.
  10. Sharkhunter
    OP please clean up the title. i keep coming to this thread expecting Andromedas to be still available for sale. :triportsad::triportsad:
  11. rantng
    Last edited: Nov 7, 2018
  12. chronograf86
    +1 OP please clean up the title. i keep coming to this thread expecting Andromedas to be still available for sale. :triportsad::triportsad:

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