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[FS] Cable Bonanza - MrSpeakers (Hirose), Focal (LEMO)

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  1. TypodCrowd
    For Sale
    Ship to:
    •   United States
    •   Canada
    Alright folks, let's get these sold.

    I have a handful of cables terminated with either the MrSpeakers (Hirose) or the Focal (LEMO) connectors. Prices include PP fees, but do not include shipping.

    Details are inline. I am trying to track down invoices from previous owners but I will most likely not have them. Please feel free to PM with monetary offers. I'm not looking to trade for more cables. Though I could delve deep into comparisons, I urge you to look these cables up for info.

    All pictures here:

    MrSpeakers Hirose Cables

    WyWires Platinum (1.5m long, 3.5mm SE)

    Price: SOLD (New: $599)

    Moon Audio Silver Dragon IEM V1 (1m long, 3.5mm SE)
    Price: $80 (New: $205)
    Awesome cable for on the go use; extremely light. Surprisingly this cable adds a little bass kick to the overall sound, which is appreciated when in ambient noise.

    Focal LEMO Cables

    Danacable Lazuli Reference (1.5m long, 1/4 inch SE)

    Price: $700 (New: $999)
    The best paired cable for the Focal Utopia. I must sell it to fund some repairs that must be performed. If there's any way I could afford to keep this, I would.

    Norne Audio Draug V2 (1.5m long, 4-Pin XLR BAL)
    Price: SOLD (New: $249)

    Moon Audio Black Dragon Headphone V2 (1.5m long, 3.5mm SE)
    Price: SOLD (New: $325)
    Last edited: Sep 27, 2019
  2. Homrsimson
  3. TypodCrowd
    Bumpety bump. All still available. Recent price drop.
  4. TypodCrowd
    Let's give this another bump.
  5. TypodCrowd
    Bump with price drop. Really need the cash guys.
  6. TypodCrowd
    Bump. Some cables sold; some still available.
  7. TypodCrowd
    Bumping with another price drop. This is my last week ish in California before I return to Canada. Will be cheaper to ship within the US while I'm here.
    Last edited: Aug 18, 2019
  8. TypodCrowd
    Making more bumps.

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