FS: Brand New Sennheiser IE 80 s (the newest version)

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    I recently bought the HD 820 directly from Sennheiser's SF flagship store and when I picked it up I was given the Sennheiser IE 80 s (along with, weirdly enough, a super-fancy leather laptop bag!) as a parting gift. I don't need it so it's up for sale. This headphone is in perfect condition, brand new in its unopened box. The retail price is $350 but I am selling it for the aggressively reduced price of $249 to encourage a quick sale. At that price, I'll cover basic shipping within the CONUS and all Paypal fees.

    My feedback is immaculate here (under both the old and new feedback systems) and at Nikonians, Fred Miranda, eBay, and Audiogon (all under "electrathecat"). Let me know if you have any questions!
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