FS: BRAND NEW IN RETAIL BOX Sennheiser HD580: $135 shipped insured
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Jul 24, 2001
I just got these today and decided I really can't afford them and the inevitable upgraditis they are sure to induce considering my lack of decent source and amp. I'll stay content with my HP890's for now and come back to the Senn's when I can afford to do it right... These carry 2 year factory warranty...

Anyway, just trying to recoup my losses here... $135 shipped to continental USA. I may be open to shipping outside of states, but depends on how much hassle would be involved.

Check my references at heatware and ebay under jjdyn0mite. I've dealt with several people here, lately, too, I'll give you emails for personal refs if required.

I'll accept paypal (preferred) or Money Order.

PM or email with questions.

I don't think I need pics as there are plenty around, but if you want some anyway, just let me know. Thanks.


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