FS: BPT Bp Jr. MKII conditioner and C-12 power cord.
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Jan 30, 2005
I am the second owner of the jr. and C-12 which have been in my possession for 9 months. Both have been unused for the last month since I bought a speaker system and am going to upgrade my power so up for sale she goes! This is a great p.c. for sources and headphone systems - a way to try out quality conditioning without breaking the bank. The original owner game me acrylic which the buyer shall receive also.

More Info: http://www.b-p-t.com/tips.shtml

Condition: A true 9/10 on the Audiogon scale.

Price: $365 O.B.O. for both items shipped in the ConUSA + 1.5% if using paypal. Shipping worldwide is no problem but shipping will be calculated and added to a base $365 fee. Paypal is preferred.

Shipping: In the ConUSA, USPS Priority mail with delivery confirmation and insurance will be used. Outside the USA, the buyers preferred method will be used. An oversized box will be used with plenty of eggs for the buyer’s peace of mind.

Feedback: You can check my feedback here or on Ebay as Matthew6160. I am also in Audiogon under 4miledahyde with a +2 rating.

You may contact me by pm or send mail to dconceptual@hotmail.com


Front. The acrylic is included and really impresses the ladies.


Back. The two sets of outlets are isolated.


The C-12 retails for $99.


Boxed like a tank and ready to go.

Thanks for looking! Serious inquiries only please.

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