FS: Bottlehead Seduction phono with C4s
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Jan 24, 2005
Hello Head-fi

For sale is a bottlehead seduction phono stage with some sweeeet mods I built about 2 years ago. Since its completion, it has always worked exceptionally well and sounds great. I am only selling to experiment with something else.

The Phono Stage has (as upgrades from standard):

Bottlehead C4s upgrade boards: replaces resistors in the amp with SS constant-current sources for better detail, less noise, and more gain.

Upgraded output caps: from small panasonics to BIG orange drops.

Upgraded interstage coupling caps from small panasonics to big orange drops.

Upgraded last power supply cap from electrolytic to film. was electrolytic, now Solen.

Mono switch.

RED power indicator LED, and dim RED leds to light up tubes a bit. They look nifty and remind me that the phono is still on when its time to shut the system down for the night.

EXTERNALLY adjustable cartridge loading (on the binding posts) very spiffy. Allows you to experiment with "nonstandard" input impedances: 68Kohm for shure carts, 23K for grados, 10K for HoMC, whatever you want! This is also a VERY powerful tool when used with an MC step-up transformer and a LoMC. I will put in a pair of resistors to load to the new owners spec.

Some notes:
This phono stage has a simple output stage, and works best driving short interconnects, and amps with HIGH input impedances. 1M is about the longest IC, and 50K is about the lowest input impedance for the amp. Thankfully most headphone systems and preamps can accommodate effortlessly.

The phono stage is also open on the bottom. Please dont flip it over when its running or plugged in.

The top panel does have a couple soft scuffs: they blend into the brushed aluminum at a glance, but show up on a long look. My POS camera wont catch them, no way!

Im selling the phono-stage for less than parts cost:

Bottlehead seduction kit: $370
C4s for seduction kit: $75
variable loading parts: $10
Mono switch parts: $3

Lets round it down a bit, OK?, $450 includes paypal AND shipping in the USA.

Some pictures:



Close up on the binding posts for the loading resistors. Mono switch is to the right.


yummy yummy! solen film cap in the power supply!


the undercarage of the amp in general

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