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Nov 14, 2015
Built by Loquah, bought it from a member over here 3 years ago.

240V - not suitable for US.

Capacitors upgrades: 2x Mundorf MCAP 250uf + 3x Panasonic Capacitors
Stepped Attenuator Upgrade (Dale resistors)
Awesome dark wood stain with black painted bell and plate

Power Tube: Winged Svetlana
Input Tube: Cleartop 12AU7

About the amp: Probably the best amp I've experienced for high impedance headphones for under $1000 and better than some that cost more. Perfect for those who own Sennheiser HD800, HD650, 580, Beyerdynamic T1 or any other Beyerdynamic headphone that's 250ohm or more. It seriously sounds AWESOME! The first amp that made me understand what soundstage meant and made me utter "Wow! 3D sound!". Imaging and depth of sound is superb. In case you're wondering, it was paired with Sennheiser HD650 and it sounded just nuts. Almost any decent DAC pairs amazingly with it too, I've had it plugged into Matrix X-Sabre. Heard many great amps and combos, but nothing could quite match the Crack.

Upgrades, prgrades, upgrades...

It has the all important Speedball upgrade, but further to that, it has a stepped attenuator upgrade which removes channel imbalance at low volumes and sharpens the imaging further; it has 5 upgraded capacitors including two huge Mundorf MCAPs. This amp is worth at least 650+ in parts alone.

Tubes: I have 3 of my favorite tube combinations. As in I only have one pairing, but each tube has 2 spares! The Pairing I enjoy the most is the Cleartop 12AU7 with Winged C Svetlana 4A57G. You won't have to buy another tube for a long time unless you want to tube roll.

Compared to other BH Cracks: In my opinion it sounds noticeably better than stock Bottlehead Crack in A-B comparison. The difference is clear.

Item condition:
Working perfectly and sounds awesome. However, cosmetically, the previous owner was resetting the base and unfortunately, there's a bit of wood glue splotching here and there. However, considering to tackle this little hair in the soup as I will have some days free now in the week.

I will update with the pics later as it's just too late over here now and a bad light to make a good pic.

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