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FS: BNIB HP TouchPad 32GB Bundle (Include all Official Accessories) (SOLD)

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  1. HelloHell
    For Sale
    I have a HP TouchPad 32GB, with a whole set of official accessories.
    What's included in the bundle:
    -HP TouchPad 32GB
    -HP Touchstone Charging Dock for TouchPad
    -HP Wireless Keyboard for TouchPad
    -HP Custom Fit Case for TouchPad
    -2 sets of Screen Protector for TouchPad
    -The tablet is lighted used and in mint condition.
    Price & Shipping:
    -SOLD.  Shipping cost depends on your location. Additional postage may be charged with international shipping.
    Thanks for looking. Please feel free to PM me if interested.
  2. r0wr
    how is this not considered flipping?
  3. CrucifixationOfFaith

    The potential buyer will, without doubt, ask for the receipt (for guarantee purposes) and ss they say - a lie has no legs, the whole idea of flipping this product wouldn't be the smartest idea, right ? :wink:
  4. drhoooon
    i got 5 of these for $150 each
  5. HelloHell
    To the one who saying I'm flipping: please READ what I included. Touchstone, wireless keyboard and case are NOT free accessories. I paid over $400 for all the items and I'm more than happy to provide you the receipts if you wish.
  6. HelloHell
    Still available for sale.
  7. HelloHell
    The bundle has been sold. Thanks!
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