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FS : Black Audiobyte Hydra Z USB DDC (32/384-DSD512-I2S) + Hydra ZPM Matching External Power Supply Combo 110V

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  1. eserafinojr
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    Just As The Title States :

    Due to some changes in my setup. I'm selling both my Audiobyte Hydra Z and ZPM External Power Supply Combo.

    This is a top flight digital to digital conversion setup for those of us that use our computer as our source. The Matching ZPM powersupply sends clean purified power to the Hydra Z, so that the Hydra Z receive only audio data from the computer and not the power as well.

    I previously owned other products such from Audiophileo and Empirical. And this setup beat them all.

    Audiobyte is the sister company and middle-high end division of the summit-fi, Rockna company from Romania that makes top-flight R2R DACs.

    The Hydra Z can be used with virtually every DAC, I have used mine over the years with the PS Audio DirectStream, Bricasti M1 Special Edition, Anodyne ATAS. I own 2 of the 3 today still except the DirectStream.

    The unit has jumpers inside to set the polarity for different DACs if you use the I2S output.

    The Hydra has a fully custom FPGA and uses no off the shelf chips. And it sounds the part. The Hydra Z also will do DSD64 DoP over all of its SPDIF outputs except TOSLINK.

    Used this with great success with the Bricasti as the M1 does not have an I2S input and was able to send DoP to the M1 from the Hydra Z and the M1 decoded it into a native DSD signal via the BNC, AES or Digital RCA outputs.

    The Hydra will do Native DSD up to 4x and DXD 384 via I2S.

    And 24/192 - DoP64 via SPDIF.

    I am the original owner of both units. They are both black and 110V for North American voltage.

    Both units ran me rough $1500+ shipping from AudioByte Romania.

    I Would say both units are about 8.5/9 out of 10.

    Asking $1030 Even Which Includes Shipping/Insurance to USA/Canada and 3% PayPal fees all included.

    PayPal only. I will ship international as well, but buyer assumes cost of International Shipping.

    Thanks for looking!


    20170507_164433.jpg 20170507_164510.jpg 20170507_164646.jpg 20170507_165125.jpg 20170507_165154.jpg 20170507_165220.jpg 20170507_171919.jpg 20170507_172035.jpg 20170507_172041.jpg 20170507_172050.jpg 20170507_172108.jpg 20170507_172146.jpg 20170507_172209.jpg 20170507_172305.jpg
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  2. eserafinojr

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