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FS: Bijou tube OTL headphone amp - aka Cavalli Lovell Futterman

  1. Mazuki
    I built this a couple of months back and since I'm moving onto a couple of newer projects, this will have to go. Detailed information and reviews can be found here on the official Bijou site.

    Here's some pictures:





    Included tubes are two pairs of 6N6Ps, one pair of Amperex 6922s and an Amperex EZ80 rectifier.

    In the back are two switched RCA inputs with Neutrik jacks. In the front, there's a Alps Blue Velvet volume control (big knob) and Negative Feedback adjustment (small knob, counter clockwise).

    There is one flaw with the amp, it gets really hot. This is easily fixed by leaving the top off or at least partially ajar.

    I'm not looking to profit off it, just to recuperate build costs, SOLD, Paypal/Conus. The amp can be easily configured for 220V and will cost extra to ship international.
  2. santacore
    PM sent

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