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FS - Bifrost Uber Analog & USB [AUS] (updated - price drop again!!)

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  1. munce31
    For Sale
    For sale is my Bifrost Uber Analog. Purchased on the 17th of September, I have decided to part ways with this near-new DAC because I have quickly moved up to an Audio-gd Master 11 due to wanting balanced output. If balanced outputs isn't your thing, then the Bifrost Uber is the perfect gateway to high-quality audio from single-ended outputs.

    Excellent sound quality and linear response across the spectrum, the Bifrost Uber is an excellent addition to any setup. It can also be upgraded with newer modules (i.e. multibit) to improve sound quality without buying a completely new amp. 

    Will ship to anywhere in Australia. Buyer to cover cost of shipping. Can do pick up if you're in Melbourne.

    Also selling a Lyr 2 [SOLD] which compliments the Bifrost Uber Analog. Can package both up together at the right price.

    If you're interested send a PM. 
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.

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