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FS: Beyerdynamic XP1 and XP2 (free worldwide shipping) (Price Drop!)

Discussion in 'Headphones for Sale / Trade' started by ostewart, Oct 30, 2012.
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  1. ostewart
    For Sale
    For sale is

    1x XP1 (bassy)
    1x XP2 (balanced)
    1x XP3 (neutral with good detail)

    All like new with box and all accessories, less than 5hrs ear time.

    $45 each, shipped worldwide

    Payment via PayPal, gift or you pay fees.
  2. ostewart
    pics added
  3. helionascimento
  4. ostewart
    XP3 sale pending
  5. ostewart
    XP3 Sold!
  6. ostewart
    Price Drop!
  7. ostewart
    No one for these great IEMs?
  8. ostewart
  9. ostewart
  10. ostewart
    Closed, going to my cousins at Christmas then.
  11. ayaflo
    Hey which of these are the best Iems ?.. I want the least bass possible really ...
  12. ostewart
    XP3 for the cleanest sound, XP2 can be quite fun, XP1 is too bassy for me
  13. davidgkx
    Hello is the XP2 still for sale? Let me know the details. Buyer from UK. =)
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