FS: Beyerdynamic Sell Off - T90s (Sold : DT770 Prem 250; DT770 Pro 80; DT880 Prem 600)
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Oct 24, 2012
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Oct 24, 2012
Selling off some of my Beyers. I'd love to keep them all but getting pressure from the wife about too many HPs. :p So the bulk of them is going up and I'm going try to keep 2. One for work and one for home. Definitely going to keep the T1s so there's room for one more. I'll listen to reasonable offers but lowballers will be judiciously ignored. Prefer to ship within CONUS but will ship internationally. I accept PP, buy covers the 3% fee or gift if you're comfortable with my feedback.

So lets get on with it...

T90 - $XXX : Includes HPs, 1/8 to 1/4 screw on adapter, soft leather carrying case and box.
1st Owner, Babied since I've gotten them. Bought them from RazorDogAudio back in August 2013. I've put plenty of hours into them, rough estimate of 800+ hours (I absolutely love this can). Pads are in great condition still. No sign of flattening. Used only at work.

: Includes HPs, 1/8 to 1/4 screw on adapter & soft leather carrying case.
3rd Owner, Older model prior to the ohm model variation split. Pads are replaced and new. Slight scuffs on the left cup.

: Includes HPs & 5ft mogami custom cable terminated to 3.5mm
I think I'm the 3rd owner on this set, they were fairly beaten up when I got them. One of the previous owner tried to recabling/rejacking them to shorten up the cord but I felt it was poorly done. Pads are in good shape but there's a small tear, doesn't effect the sound. Since they were beaten up, I decided to use them as my platform for mods. The internals are rewired with mogami starquad mic cable in a balanced configuration. It's still single entry but terminates into a female 4 pin mini-xlr jack. The jack extrudes a bit from the cup but I've covered the threaded portion with sugru to blend into the headphones better. Can be easy converted to balanced configuration with a simple cable change.
Note : Cable is copper w/ clear insulation, the camera only picked up the insulation as silver/white.

More pics here : ALBUM

: Includes HPs, 1/8 to 1/4 screw on adapter, soft leather carrying case and box.
2nd Owner, Babied since I've gotten them. Bought them from a HFer here back in Feb 2013. Previous owner estimated 600-1000 hrs of use. I've put on another 700 or so. I bought new pads shortly after I got them so there's still plenty of life in them. Used primarily at work and then spent a lot of time on a headphone stand at home. (Little time at home.)
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