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FS: Beyerdynamic DT-990 Pro

  1. Mazuki
    I bought these a couple of months ago but haven't really used them very much. They have been recabled throughout with Canare mini Star Quad.

    I would like to get SOLD shipped Paypal/CONUS for them.

    Here is the link to my feedback.



  2. Mazuki
  3. Aevum
    what would be the price shipped to europe ?
  4. Mazuki
    bump, outside US, please PM for costs
  5. bimmer116
    bump for a great headphone and seller. This set actually sounded very smooth and refine, I would actually prefer it slightly over the 05 990s.[​IMG]
  6. kevhuynh
  7. Denver Max
    Are these 250 ohm?

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