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Apr 16, 2002
I've put these up for an interest check before, but now I need the cash for an audio acquisition.

Headroom's description is here:


I don't entirely agree with it - I think the mids are incredible. In fact I love these phones and didn't really want to sell them, but they don't really serve the purpose I got them for, which was to use with my portable.

First, what's good about these phones can be found just by searching on their name. The Beyer sound is distinctive and many here have praised it. These compare favorably with my old 831's, which may have been the best headphones I've ever had. The physical design is excellent (Headroom says "ordinary" but I don't think so. They're elegant, modern-looking and very comfortable). They have very nicely fitting velour pads. They're in like-new condition, with original box.

Caveats: If you hope to use these with a portable there are two things you should know - One of my portables has a strong enough amp to run these beautifully without an additional amp. But since they're 32 ohms, be sure yours can. Underpowering these cans is a tragedy because you can't hear their full potential without a decent amp driving them. They are PERFECT with a good computer sound card.

The other thing is that I don't like others to hear what I'm hearing. These are called "sealed" phones, which means that sound should not leak from them, but it does. While it is a closed design, there is an aperture where the band meets the cups. Beyer clearly uses this aperture to improve performance, and you can hear it in the beautiful, clear basses. But that means that when you're on line at the post office others will hear your music.

I'd originally gotten these for use with my portable, but because the exterior sound is evident to others I don't use them that way, and as I say, I need the cash.

$55 includes shipping in the US.

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