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FS: Beyer DT531 with Grado SR60 drivers

Discussion in 'Headphones for Sale / Trade' started by faideelah, Oct 6, 2011.
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  1. faideelah
    For Sale
    I bought these from a Head-Fi about two weeks ago and they've been just sitting on my desk the whole time, so I decided to sell them so someone else can enjoy them. They look exactly the same as when I got them.
    Pictures are from the previous owner.
    This is the previous owner's description:
    Bought these in June from a fellow headfier.  I believe they have been floating around for quite a while.  They are a really cool set, but I'm cleaning out some phones that I don't listen too very often.  Comes with a 1/4" to 1/8" adapter.
    The pads are worn, and the headband appears to have been replaced in the past with one homemade from felt.  The headband adjustment isn't that tight anymore, but it works for my head.  The previous owner did some painting of the cable from the Y to the enclosures.  It never seemed to dry correctly, and was always a bit tacky, so I disassembled them to cover it up with techflex.  While I was in the driver housings, I also resoldered the connections to the drivers since the joints didn't look very good.  I think the techflex looks pretty slick.  I was going to reterminate these, but the solder job in the switchcraft 1/4" plug looks so good that I didn't have the heart to mess with it.  One of the driver housings has a crack in it, but it seems to be stable.  It did not propagate during the work I did, so I resisted the urge to "repair" it with JB weld.
    So, what does it sound like?  It sounds like a Grado SR60, but sits around your ears instead of on them, so it is a lot more comfy.  Like I said, they are a neat set that someone put together.
    Looking for 40 + shipping or trade for a portable amp. I will ship worldwide but buyer will pay for shipping.
  2. faideelah
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