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Todd R

Headphoneus Supremus
Sep 27, 2001

Benchmark DAC-1.
Bought new this June. Black faceplate.
All original packaging, instructions and accessories.
My plan for a music server fell through so I don't need an external DAC anymore.
Comes with a free 6' long toslink cable.
Asking $825 shipped in the US.
Overseas buyers please contact me for a shipping quote.
(Those aren't scratches in the picture, it just dust)

• Two Channel, 24-bit, 192-kHz, D-to-A Conversion
• Plays 192-kHz with 52-kHz analog bandwidth
• Direct connection to powered monitors
• Totaljitter immunity via UltraLock™technology!
• 116 dB signal-to-noise ratio @ 48-kHz, A weighted
• THD+N = -107 dB (0.00045%) measured at
-3 dBFS, any sample rate, any test frequency
• AES, S/PDIF, and Toslink inputs
• Digital input source-selection switch
• Variable or preset output level controls
• Balanced Low-Z XLR outputs
• Unbalanced RCA outputs
• Automatic de-emphasis for 44.1, 48, and
96-kHz when pre-emphasis bit is set
• Headphone amp = 0.0003% THD into 60 Ω
• Output-off switch position for headphone-only use
• Front panel power and error indicating LEDs
• Internal low-radiation toroidal power supply
• International 120 - 240 input voltage range
• 1/2 wide, 1RU high chassis
• Machined aluminum front panel
• Rack mount kit available

The DAC1 is a two-channel, 24-bit,192-kHz Digital-to-Analog
audio converter. It is, perhaps, one of the more significant recent
advances in digital-audio conversion technology.
Listening to audio from the DAC1 is an absolutely truthful
experience. The distortion free output is so pristine you can now
hear detail which was previously masked by jitter induced artifacts
and distortion. If the recording was exceptional, you’ll hear it; if it
wasn’t, you’ll hear that as well.
TheDAC1 is a 192-kHz converter, and will playback 192-kHz
signals with a 52-kHz analog bandwidth. THD+N is an
astonishing low -105 dB (0.00056%) measured at 0 dBFS, and
-107 dB measured at -3 dBFS – at any playback frequency, at
any sample rate, and with any degree of input jitter.
The secret? UltraLock™ technology.
Additional features include: phase-coherence between units,
auto-detection and processing of pre-emphasized digital audio,
and an ultrahigh performance HPA-2 headphone amplifier with
dual outputs. The DAC1 has an internal, international toroidal
power supply.
The front panel level-control always adjusts the headphone output
level. The front panel level-control can also be selected to adjust
the output levels at the rear of the converter. Alternately, the output
levels can be set at a fixed gain with precision, rear panel; 10-turn
trim pots. The balanced output level range is +10 dBu to +29 dBu at
0 dBFS.
The DAC1 is essential equipment for mastering and recording
studios, broadcast facilities, even audiophile home stereo
installations, and all locations that require uncolored monitoring.


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