FS: Balanced Brimar Supreme Reference Monarch (Grand Master)

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  1. haiku
    For Sale
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    • Europe

    I´m selling my BSRM. It´s customized for AK Daps (2.5mm trrs) and AK Siren Series like Roxanne, Layla etc. (4 PIN). It´s 1.2m long and about 6 months old. Condition is excellent.
    I got it new for €2500,-. I´d like to have €1500,-. PM me if you´re interested.

    32274178nv.jpg 32274179av.jpg 32274180ev.jpg 32274181yz.jpg
  2. haiku
    I´m also open for a trade, but only portable gear.
  3. popof94
    Hi, do you know if brimar can change the connectors for 2pins and the price? Thanks
  4. haiku
    Sure they can, but I don´t know how much it would cost. You can send them an email, even better send them a message on their facebook page.
  5. popof94
    Thanks, i will do that.
  6. haiku
    Update: €1400,-
  7. haiku

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