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Mister Crash

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Sep 8, 2006
Ah, the problems of woodie ownership. Lately, my W5000 and W11jpn have been monopolizing all of my head-time, so my W1000 have not been getting the attention that they deserve in my system. The time has come for these to be passed on to someone who will appreciate them.

The W1000 was my first woodie headphone, and is a fine performer. Plus, it's a sexy beast. I am the original purchaser, and my pair is in excellent shape, with no visible scratches or dings on the lovely wooden finish. There is no visible wear on the lettering on the earcups. The pads, wings, and cord are all in great shape as well. It comes in the original cardboard box, which has some wear around the edges. I have some pictures here:
Picasa Web Albums - Mister Crash - W1000 headphones

I am asking US$310 (+3% if paying by Payal) for the headphones, which includes shipping in the United States. I will ship internationally, but international shipping will be a little extra. I can accept payments by postal money order or Paypal.

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