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FS Audio-technica R70x with balanced cable SOLD

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  1. LifeOnMercury
    For Sale
    Ship to:
    •   United States
    •   Canada
    Best offer:
    Codition : 9/10 like new with original box and accessories plus an aftermarket cable (the stock cable was modded to 2.5mm balanced)
    Price: $199 shipped
    Great sounding studio/audiophile cans. They are the open back version of m70x but sound like an upgraded hd650.
    I bought them from whiplash audio on last Christmas and I really liked the sound. Recently I am planing to upgrade my DACs so I have to let many of my beloved gears go.
    Will ship to CONUS and Canada (with extra shipping fees)
    ***I marked L and R on the cable. Don’t connect to wrong earcups because that will make the sound abnormal.
  2. LifeOnMercury
    EC145E69-36A9-4E57-9199-6F3FE5E4C9DA.jpeg D2EA3E01-68AB-41B4-809A-0C7FE3A8623E.jpeg
  3. speedwheels
    Great headphones. I have a pair and they sound delicious. Definitely an upgrade from the usual mid-fi fare. GLWTS
  4. LifeOnMercury
  5. selvakumar
    can you ship to india ill buy
  6. LifeOnMercury
  7. LifeOnMercury
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