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FS Audio technica Ha25 d FREE SHIPPING headphone amp/dac Excellent!

  1. techenvy
    up for sale is my audio technica ha25 d amp dac,,  sold only to japan market.
    has toslink pasthru and analog  gold plated rca input/output,, very versatile and awesome dac.
    retails for 230 plus shipping
    you save on this excellent offer for headfi,  at 149 plus shipping, a 100 dollar savings!
    comes with original box, manual, adapter etc. 
    pm me if you have any questions
  2. techenvy
    price drop make an offer
    this device is pretty sweet u can switch from analog to toslink with the push of a well machined spring button, excellent build, really is great for multiple sources.
    thanks for looking
  3. techenvy

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