FS: Audio Technica ATH-ES5 closed portable headphones LIKE NEW (black)
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Gently used, as new condition, less than 40 hours of use, so not even fully burned in yet. Comes complete with all original packaging, accesories, documentation.

Price: $85 shipped within the USA. Please contact for international shipping rates. Paypal only.

These are among Audio Technica's newer models (not much discussed here yet), are not available in the USA and have to be imported from overseas (Far East). Not a "perfect" headphone (but at this price point, what is), but if you are looking for an alternative to the Senn PX200, the ES5 has a number of significant advantages over them IMHO:

1. Deep, punchy bass response with good tone, no roll-off like with the PX200. Very fast and nimble, good PRAT.

2. Crisp, clean highs, high resolution and transparency. Not "murky" and grainy like the PX200.

3. Soundstage at least 50% larger than the PX200 (no lie!). Surpisingly good imaging abilities.

4. Big 40mm drivers.

5. Easier to drive, will play louder at lower volumes.

6. Much more comfortable than the PX200. Yet more snug and secure than the PX200.

7. Achieves a much better seal and much more easily situated than the finnicky PX200 which also have to be seated "just so" to get decent sound. Marginally better isolation.

8. Built like a tank, fantastic build quality. Folds up into a small ball, and comes with a travel pouch.

Overall, IMO, a much more appealing package than the notoriously under-performing PX200. This pair is all-black:


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