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FS : Audio Magic "Power Drive" power cable

  1. Skorpitarius
    (1) Audio Magic "Power Drive" power cable . Has about 400 + hours burn time on it .

    Made in USA
    10 guage double-coated silver over copper, double shielded, Watt Gate cryo-treated connectors, teflon dielectric, mylar dampening.
    A very versatile powercord with dynamics, detail, and staging.

    1.5 m.

    $200 USD . CONUS Shipping to you included . Elsewhere, will have to be calculated .

    PAYPAL-friendly .
    Step right up and make me an offer !
  2. Skorpitarius
  3. Skorpitarius
    Price reduction :

    $150 shipped to CONUS / elsewhere bit more .

    Cable is no older than couple months in smoke-free environment, etc .
  4. Skorpitarius
    hey, someone get at me ... need to sell ASAP ...I paid $250 for this brand new and it's no more than couple months old, if that ...(i'm asking $150, incl. CONUS shipping ) you WILL hear the difference between this p.c. and a crap stock skinny guage power cable ... I promise ...
  5. Golden Ears
    I need two of these...
  6. IPodPJ
    I'm interested, just wondering why you are selling it.
  7. ZAPHOD15
    still for sale?

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