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FS Audio GD Sparrow Version A

  1. mk351e
    Sorry for the double post; I don't know which forum it belongs in.
    OK, so yes I'm new here, but I did sell a pair of Grado's to someone overseas on here last month. More importantly, I have several hundred feedback on ebay over the last decade. My username is: mp360cs. I encourage any potential buyer to look me up! I'm also a Paypal Premier member, verified, again for the last decade.
    OK, so, I got an Audio GD Sparrow last week. This is Version A, and features the latest Wolfson 8741 chip. It sounds great, but quite frankly, it's just too neutral for me, and while I could enjoy it for years to come, it's not the EXACT sound I'm after (please note, my taste seems to be rather different than most, as confirmed at the NJ meet this year!). This thing has the "straight wire with gain" sound that I'm NOT after. It's very obvious how and why others would be all gaga over this unit and it's sound (and Sennheiser, Grado, and AKG headphones for that matter), but I'm actually looking for something that's colored! So, I am now selling it to pursue other units. I have a feeling this search will go on for a while, which is exactly what I didn't want this hobby to turn into! Here we go.............
    It was plugged in at 6PM on 6/18 EST (day of receipt) and has been since. I turned it off a few times for about an hour, to get a hot/ cold cycle too. It is not exactly in mint condition though. It was received with the bottom panel scratched, but I don't care because I don't look at the bottom, so I'm not bothering Kingwa. Also, it has a TINY nick on the top panel (less than the size of a sharp pencil point). Finally, it was "modded" with rubber feet on the bottom, as it comes without any feet! They can of course be easily removed without a trace, but you probably would want to keep them. Original box and cables included. Benefits to buying it from me: burn in is done, rubber feet added, you don't have to wait for overseas shipping, you're helping a fellow (newbie) head fi'er, and you save a few dollars!
    I paid $278 total (How is it $278?? $240 for the unit, and the rest is shipping from China to US, and Audio GD charges Paypal fees) , and I'm looking for as much as possible (obviously).  I'm in NJ, and can ship via UPS or USPS, anywhere in the world, at buyer's expense, and I STRONGLY prefer Paypal.
    So, if you're thinking of buying a Sparrow Version A, please buy mine. It now has just over 300 hours on it, and burn in is complete. $250 shipped lower 48?
  2. mk351e
    no trades at this time please. Unless you want to do an even trade for, well, I don't even know what!
  3. mk351e
    my last post was not clear enough; I don't want to trade at this time. Not sure what I'm doing now (becoming more lost as time goes on), but can't do a trade. Also, please no goofy lowball offers. (someone offered me $120)
  4. mk351e
    Bump, with some more details in the description!
  5. LiqTenExp
    PM Sent.
  6. mk351e
    NO LONGER FOR SALE, PLEASE REMOVE THREAD. I'm just gonna keep it before this spirals out of control! I like it enough.

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