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FS: Audio-gd Reference 7 S (EU only)

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  1. vrln
    For Sale
    Hello there,
    After lots of thinking (and a few times I´ve already put this up for sale, just to take off the classified a day after), I´ve decided to sell this after all... Reasons for selling: (1) this is just far too big (huge!), I can´t fit it anywhere now that my main rig is next to my monitor/PC, (2) I need more inputs and (3) I want to try out a good Delta-Sigma based DAC for a change. 
    I´m sure the REF7 needs no introduction (just search the forums) - it´s Audio-gd´s 8x PCM1704UK DAC. As they are having supply issues with the chip, these are getting quite rare I guess. I´m willing to sell this only inside EU, as this is the local voltage version and all the customs have already been paid once. I bought this DAC directly from Audio-gd around last September. The stock wires have been upgraded to OCC copper at the Audio-gd factory. It´s obviously in good condition. Please note that this is the S version of the Reference 7, which means that it has two inputs: RCA and BNC, and only one of them can be used (S stands for single input version). So you´ll need something like a HiFace or Digital Interface for this. The DSP-1 is version 5, the latest one. If you are wondering how it can be V5 if I bought it in September: I have bought a new one and swapped it in.
    The price: 999 euros inside the EU, including shipping. Payment via paypal (we can split the paypal fees). I´m pricing this to sell, as I´d like to have a compact headphone rig working asap.
    Please send all inquiries to valtteri.vainikka@helsinki.fi - I´ll try to answer them asap.
    Edit 1: forgot to mention that I have the original Audio-gd shipping box, which I´ll be using.
    Edit 2: price drop!
  2. vrln
    Price drop... Going cheap!
  3. vrln
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