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FS: Audio-gd Reference 7 S (EU only)

Discussion in 'Source Components For Sale / Trade' started by vrln, May 8, 2011.
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  1. vrln
    For Sale
    Hello head-fiers!
    I´m selling my beloved DAC because a.) I need more inputs, and b.) it´s just too large. This is the S version of the Reference 7, meaning that it is the single input variant. There are two digital inputs: coaxial and bnc, and only one of them can be connected. If you want to use USB with this, you´ll need something like a HiFace or Digital Interface from Audio-gd.
    Price: 1200 euros shipped inside EU, including paypal fees... I reserve the right to choose the potential buyer based on forum feedback etc.
    The DAC is in good condition, and it was bought directly from Audio-gd in ~september 2010. The stock wiring was upgraded to OCC copper at the Audio-gd factory, and the DSP-1 is the latest version, V5.
    EDIT 1: price drop + I'll even cover the paypal fees!
    EDIT 2: I am also open to the idea of a trade certain DACs! So if you have a good DAC lying around, let me know and we can talk :)
  2. vrln
    Oh and the DAC would ship in the original Audio-gd box.
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