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FS: Audio-gd Reference 3 digital interface /w DSP-3 V5 & DSP-3 V3 (Price Drop)

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  1. tamahome77
    For Sale
    Just checking interest for the audio-gd reference 3 digital converter.  Original owner and unit in excellent shape.  Comes with dsp3 version 5 and I believe the old one is version 3.  This one has upgraded tcxo clock and stock clock.  Looking for $420 $400 plus shipping.  
    PM me if you're interested.  Thanks.
    IMG_0157.jpg IMG_0159.jpg IMG_0160.jpg
  2. tamahome77
    This digital audio converter sounds excellent for the price.  Bumpppp  [​IMG]
  3. tamahome77
    Make an offer [​IMG]
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