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FS: Audio-GD NFB1-AMP (Texas Only)

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  1. Nick 214
    For Sale
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    Hey everyone:
    Well the time has finally come to change up my long-loved system...

    I am selling off three pieces, at well-below market value because I am simply not interested in shipping.

    I live in Austin, Texas and am happy to meet another Head-Fier anywhere within reasonable driving distance.


    For sale here is a wildly overbuilt, heavy, and powerful Audio-GD NFB1-Amp headphone amplifier… With some issues.

    I am the second owner, bought on the Head-Fi forums about a year ago.

    In shipping it to me, it was dropped, and the back panel is bent., However I have not found any loss and functionality of the inputs. Also, the volume control unit was knocked off of the knob.

    I have a feeling that it could easily be reattached, and I have opened the case top to look at it a few times… But I’m too much of a wuss to try it myself.

    However, volume and input control work perfectly via the included remote, which is how I have used it.

    I’m not totally sure how to price this, but have listed it at $200 or best offer. I believe that’s fair considering the condition and reputation of the unit. No original box, but I can include a nice power cord if you need one.

    I had a preamplifier sitting atop it, which is why you see those circular foot marks… Will clean them off before sale of course.

    It has powered HD-650s, Grado HF-1, Grado HF-2, and Denon D2000s with plenty of headroom. I have also utilized it as a pre-amplifier, and found it extremely neutral.

    Yep, $200 (OBO)... Seriously, make an offer.

    Better images coming tomorrow IMG_4387.jpg IMG_4388.jpg IMG_4389.jpg IMG_4390.jpg !
  2. Nick 214
  3. Nick 214
    PRICE DROP: $175(!!)
  4. Nick 214
  5. Nick 214
  6. Nick 214
  7. Nick 214
    Would be a killer UT dorm setup...
  8. Nick 214
    Three PMs answered.
  9. Nick 214
  10. Nick 214
  11. Nick 214
  12. Nick 214
  13. Nick 214
  14. Nick 214
    It is literally holding a stack of New Yorker Magazines. Paper weight. CL soon...
  15. Nick 214

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