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FS: Audio GD NFB-28 - 3 Months old (incl. paperwork) - MINT - Bought in EU!

Discussion in 'Amplification For Sale / Trade' started by cbf123, Feb 9, 2018.
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  1. cbf123
    For Sale
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    • Europe

    I'm changing things up again, so I'm selling on my NFB-28. This was bought from Audiophonics at the very end of November 2017, via their eBay store (for £650).

    This version is the 2015 model based around the ESS9018 chip, and included the latest Amanero USB module and the TCXO clock upgrades. The unit was brand new when purchased, so still carries 21(ish) months of its guarantee with Audiophonics. If any repair work were needed, this would only need to go to France NOT China, which is a big plus.

    Having said that, this has never skipped a beat, and I really love the sound it gives me. Unfortunately, I just need to try and save some space, and I really need something more inline with a portable amp / DAC.

    Original packaging and cables included, as is the remote control.

    Asking £480 which includes PP fees and shipping within the EU, and is a VERY good price for this quality of amp / DAC.

    Any Q's, give me a shout.


    IMG_0325.jpg IMG_0324.jpg

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