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FS: Audio GD NFB-16 amplifier/DAC convertor

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  1. conquerator2
    For Sale
    I am willing to sell my Audio GD NFB-16 portable/desktop amplifier/DAC combo unit in good as new condition (save for a very few tiny scratches on the aluminium casing)
    This amp is dead neutral, works on a battery and has sufficient power to drive conventional full size HPs and IEMs (provides roughly 0.5 W into 40 Ohms). The battery lasts 25 hours in amplifier mode and/or around 8 hours in DAC mode.
    The amplifier has one 1/8 and one 1/4 HP out, then it has one line-in jack (which however doesnt work very well by default) then it has an RCA in and USB in.
    Then it has a coax out for use as a DAC. An alps potentiometer takes care of volume control (no channel imbalance to my knowledge)
    Customer can change filter and OS sampling by opening up the unit by placing/removing jumpers.
    This package includes: the amplifier/DAC (with battery inside) and the charging cable (USA plug, but can accept both 115V and 230V swings, which it automatically selects, so you can use any socket reductions).
    Original buying price was 193 USD + 20 USD for the optional TCXO upgrade + roughly 50 USD for shipping (+another 30 USD for taxes)
    So new it was rougly 260 USD + taxes
    The product is discontinued but was bought roughly 6 months ago as it was available for less than a month, package includes warranty and other documents it came with.
    More information can be found here:http://www.audio-gd.com/Pro/Headphoneamp/NFB16/NFB16EN.htm
    I am asking for 100 USD (or the corresponding value in other currencies) + roughly 25 USD for shipping (which is the least shipping cost from here, I will pay the rest of the shipping if it is more)
    Note: If you know your country has exceptionally high shipping costs, please let me know!
    Preferably via Paypal (then please add +3,5% to the overall value for manipulating fees)
    Shipping will be priority via air mail, with tracking and insurance, via EU and US posts, average shipping is 7 days, but it varies from location to location)
    Feel free to ask for any additional information! I will respond within a day and try to keep things as fast and as comfortable for the buyer as possible.
  2. conquerator2
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