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FS: Audio-GD NFB-12

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  1. filuS
    For Sale
    Selling my year and a half old Audio-GD NFB-12 (first version, where changing filters has to be done inside the chasis with jumpers). It is in perfect condition, no visual or audio defects. It was bought directly from Audio-GD in China.
    I will include original power cable (with standard EU wall plug), pack with jumpers, 6.3mm > 3.5mm jack adapter, short optical cable and USB cable.
    My price is now 150€ but it is negotiable. I will ship anywhere, but EU countries are strongly preferred (I paid import fees and tax when I imported it, it would be shame if it turned out to be in vane); shipping cost is not included in price. I accept paypal and bank transfer payments, but when using paypal, you need to add 3% to cover paypal fees so I guess inside EHP bank transfer is better option.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.

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