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FS: Audience AU24 SX RCA Interconnects

Trader History (3)
  1. Mr Brett
    For Sale
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    Audience AU24 SX RCA Interconnects pair 0.5m (New)

    A Google search of 'Best Interconnects' came up with these Audience AU24 SX as an option. Every review was glowing.
    Product of the Year Awards for 2017

    I bought two pairs. The improvement over any of my current cables is huge (Merlin Verdi/Vivaldi). Hearing things in songs I'd never heard before. A significant upgrade.
    Have partnered well with my ATC SCM19s and Perreaux amp.

    RRP US$1560 (approx £1220)
    (+import duty +gst +shipping over NZ$400)

    Selling because I can't justify to my family the need for the second pair for work, although that would be nice. Actually, it's hard enough justifying the first pair.
    They sounded fabulous straight out of the box on my (old but good) work system:
    A&R Cambridge A60
    Audio-gd NFB-12.1 DAC
    Mission 780
  2. Mr Brett
    Price drop
    US $800
  3. Mr Brett
    Sold for £570

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