FS: ATH-W5000 Headphones
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Good stuff!
May 21, 2005

FS: ATH-W5000 Headphones


Sorry for the stock picture. You just have to believe me.

The latest of the fabled Audio Technica wood headphones. These W5000s seem to match very well with the Amps I own.
Outstanding right up front and in your face presentation. I've recently purchased my MPX3 Amp and the Blue Hawaii/O2 and I need to build up my Paypal stash again.

I purchased these brand new from PJ on 12-2-05. They are broken in with about 350 hours. No rattle experienced. I am forced to stipulate the W5000 is in 9/10 condition, but privately, I think better. Will ship with the rather large train case and original papers. I want to get these in the hands of someone who will cherish them for a long time.

I want you to put a price on these fine headphones. I will seriously consider all offers. If you have a story, tell me.

PM Only.
Paypal only.
Will ship to USA addresses only, for my own peace of mind.

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