FS: ATH-w5000/ATH-W1000/ATH-AD900/ Maverick Audio D1 (WorldWide, From Australia)
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Oct 18, 2009
I'm selling all my gears to fund a new laptop.
First is the ATH-W5000
Excellent condition, NO scratches or dents. I have put a lot of caring into this pair, rubs professional solutions for violins woods on the W5000's.
(comes with original flight case)
Price: US $OLD

Secondly, the ATH-W1000, I initially brought the W1000 to begin my W- serious collection, and so it had minimal usage, and it is in Perfect condition.
(comes with original box and document)
Price: US $OLD

Thirdly, the ATH-AD900, brought this to use it as a gaming phone, but I only use it 5 hours max per week, therefore superb and flawless condition.
(comes with original box, adapter and document)
Price: US $OLD

Lastly, since I'm selling all my headphones, there's no point of keeping my dac/amp. It had been used for about 150~ hours, never moved on my desk since I brought them. And I will also include an optical cable I brought for $30 (mini optical to optical) for use on mac computers.
(comes with usb adapter, power adapter, optical cable, BUT NO original box)
Price: US $OLD

ask me for bundle specials and additional pics
Local pick up for Melbourne
And Paypal preferred.

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