FS: Aric Audio Tube pre-amp 3.5
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Nov 26, 2006
This is a very nice tube preamp which uses 2x JAN Philips 12AU7 tubes. It has 3 inputs, 2 outputs, Alps volume pot, and a source selector knob. Ive owned it for about 4 months and thoroughly enjoyed it. Its a very versatile preamp. With this preamp, you can now add a subwoofer to a T-amp based system, or just run one output to a speaker amp and the other to your headphone amp. The main reason Im selling it is because I needed a preamp with a remote control, hence the Adcom GTP-450 in my sig. Price is $200 shipped + 3% Paypal to CONUS. Will add pics upon request, but may take a few days as Im not home this weekend.

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