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FS: Apple iPhone 7 Plus 128gb - Space Grey, Unlocked SIM

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  1. Schwibbles
    For Sale
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    I pre-ordered this phone 2 years ago, when it came out. I had it on Verizon but I have removed my sim card so you can put yours in. Checking the IMEI reveals that the SIM is unlocked.
    I always had a case on it; I never used it without one.

    The good:
    Everything works as intended. There's nothing wrong with it.
    Already up-to-date with iOS 12.
    The new battery health feature says the battery is at 86% of what it was when it was new and it supports full processor performance.
    Never been opened. It is on its original screen and internals which means it is still water resistant.
    Not a sketchy "refurbished" eBay sale.
    It will come in the original box with the original (barely used) lightning cable and 5W charger.
    I will include multiple cases with it including a $70 Mous Limitless Black Marble case. The Mous case is very sturdy and has a lifetime warranty. It also has a metal plate built into the back of it so that it supports magnetic phone mounts. The other cases are various Spigen models; some of which I've never actually used even though they're out of their retail packaging.
    IMG_0059.jpeg IMG_0060.jpeg

    The bad:
    The bottom speaker and microphone circles are a bit dirty from pocket lint. It's unavoidable. Both the microphone and speaker work fine.
    The screen has 2 noticeable (albeit tiny) scratches. They are small and aren't really all that noticeable when the screen is on. The larger one is ~3/16in long and the smaller is ~3/32in long. Both are deep enough that you can feel them by running your fingernail over them. The larger one is much more visible in the picture below than it normally is due to the lighting and angle of the picture. It normally looks more like the smaller one in the picture in terms of how visible it is.
    IMG_0042 edit.jpg
    There is a tiny chip in the finish of the Aluminum next to the camera. Bottom left 'corner' of the camera in the picture. It's the tiny, white spec.
    There is one spot on the screen that exhibits a little discoloration. It only appears on a white background. This is something I very rarely notice when using the phone but I feel like I should at least mention it here.
    IMG_0043 edit.jpg

    I am asking $335 including Paypal fees and shipping to CONUS. I will ship elsewhere but as this is a Verizon phone, I can't guarantee it will work with international carriers. If outside CONUS, buyer pays all shipping fees.
    I would say this phone is in very good condition overall.

    Feel free to ask any questions. Additional pictures below.
    IMG_0043.jpeg IMG_0044.jpeg IMG_0045.jpeg IMG_0046.jpeg IMG_0047.jpeg IMG_0048.jpeg IMG_0049.jpeg IMG_0050.jpeg
    Last edited: Oct 17, 2018
  2. Schwibbles
    Price drop because I think I was a little too greedy with my original price.
  3. Sunrivers
    Still avialable?
  4. Schwibbles
    Price drop!

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