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FS - AMB Labs M3 and Sigma11

  1. CodeToad
    ****  SOLD    *****I built this earlier this year. I'm building a Beta22 and need the money to buy parts for that. It's a great amp that will drive my HD650's with ease.
    1. Gain 5
    2. 3 sets of opamps (3 each) - OPA627 (currently installed), OPA1641 and AD825 (on browndogs)
    3. MILSPEC 22 gauge wire
    4. Neutrik jack
    5. Panasonic resistors and FM and FC caps.
    6. Green LED
    7. All wire connections are soldered
    Sigma 11
    1. 24 volt
    2. Panasonic resistors and FC caps
    3. 18 gauge output wire with molded jack to amp
    4. switched from front panel.
    5. Green LED
    6. 120 volts AC
    7. all wire connections are soldered except the board connections
    The combo measures 6" H x 6" W x 8" D. The switch on the back of the power supply is not hooked up. The front panel switch turns the power supply on and off.
    The holes are countersunk and keep the cases quite cool. Heat is not a problem whatsoever. Both amp and power supply run well under 30 watts power consumption. DC offsets on the OPA627's are all under .2 mV's.
    M3 amp, Sigma11 power supply and 3 sets of opamps for $400 *** SOLD *** paypal  including shipping to wherever you are in CONUS (USPS Priority Large Flat Rate box ). (International shipping will be paid by the buyer)
    Not splitting apart, will be sold as a combo only.
    Images here in case you can't see the ones below:
  2. Geir
    If u ever decide to split up, drop me a line regarding the m3 and opamp.
  3. Pepito
    If you ever decide to split up, drop me a line regarding the sigma 11. Haha
  4. CodeToad
    >ever decide to split up, drop me a line
    Will do.
  5. CodeToad
    $450 shipping included.
  6. CodeToad
    $400. I want to sell this today.
  7. drews

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