FS: AM 650 PRO [EU.FR]
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Nov 10, 2004
I'm selling my AM 650PRO headphone amplifier. This is an all tube amplifier designed/tuned for Senn HD650. In a Chinese forum people compared it to DarkVoice 337. AM650PRO being considered more refined and 337 more punchy (Retail for the same price as DarkVoice 337 from the same dealer) I have it for about a year now, it sounds really nice that I didn't even think about upgrade the tubes. You can find specs and
some pictures from the ebay dealer I linked to below.

I'm selling it because I move to cary 300sei

It retail on ebay for 500€ + shipping, I'm looking for €300 -> €220 + shipping
The link to the ebay dealer

Thanks for looking.

A couple of pictures added here

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