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FS: ALO Rx Mk II + CypherLabs Algorythm Solo + Whiplash LOD + interconnects, bag, etc.

Discussion in 'Amplification For Sale / Trade' started by alm0st, Jun 7, 2011.
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  1. aLm0sT
    For Sale
    I need to raise money, so this has to go. Have only used it a couple times.
    Up for sale is:
    - silver ALO Rx Mk II amp
    - silver CypherLabs Algorythm Solo
    - ALO SXC 22awg mini to mini cable
    - short iPod to USB cable
    - AMP/CLAS bag
    - 6 new white ALO rubber bands
    Will ship everything in the original packaging.
    I accept PayPal only. Send as gift or add 5%.
    Will ship worldwide via DHL. Contact me for shipping rates.
    Asking price is $1150 USD $1099 USD+ shipping. (bundle only, won't sell separately)
    Also have a Whiplash Audio RT angle TWag v2 LOD with 3.5mm Oyaide plug which I only used 3 times.
    Would sell it for $100 with the bundle or $130 separately.
    Pictures will be added as soon as possible. There are some picture in my profile though.
    PM me if interested.
  2. aLm0sT
    bump. pictures added. price dropped. =)
  3. roma101
    Definitely let me know if you do decide to sell items separately. Interested in the Solo. Thanks.
  4. aLm0sT

    Probably not going to happen as it is much harder to sell all of those things separately.
    Plus I need the money.
  5. aLm0sT
  6. aLm0sT
  7. aLm0sT
    bump. still available.
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