FS: ALO Pan Am DAC/Amp Black and Gateway with Stock & Mullard Tubes and a Bonus
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May 9, 2009
Selling my excellent condition black ALO Pan Am DAC/Amp and Gateway External Power Supply. Shipping & PayPal to the USA included.
Includes original packaging, tubes, amp, and cables.
Comes with Mullard & stock tubes.
Up for sale, my ALO Audio PanAm Amp/DAC and Gateway Gateway External Power Supply, which I purchased in December, 2013 and a fresh set of often sought after Mullard tubes. I have around 100 hours of listening on the PanAm, It is been a terrific match for my Audeze LCD-2 headphones. Search for/read the many reviews.
Here is what is included, all in black:
1 x Alo Audio PanAm DAC/Amp Headphone Amplifier & USB Dac 1 x Alo Audio Gateway External Power Supply
All original boxes, outer boxes, manuals and manuals included
1 x pair of OEM tubes that came with the unit (about 10 hours of use)
1 x pair of unused Mullard tubes
As a BONUS, I’m also including:
1 x Alo Audio PassPort External Power Battery BUT WITH A CAVAET - the battery charge is getting shorter and shorter, lasting only about 30-40 minutes. < Might be because I left the charger connected to the AC adapter too constantly. If you want aspare battery, as of today, the alo audio warehousedeals site, lists the Silver Passport available for $130. < http://warehousedeals.aloaudio.com/all-products/the-passport-silver>
I have no feedback on Head-fi as a Seller, but 100% positive feedback on eBay since 1999 as “cargen”.
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