[FS] ALO modified and recabled hfi-780 [EU-worldwide]
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May 3, 2007
Up for sale is a pair of "the ultimate closedback phone" you can get if you dont want to pay for the ed9 =) --> alo modded and recabled(vamipre) ultrasone hfi780. If you dont know anything about these, check out the alo-forum where these are discussed :
these are the version that where first tested (lighter and more portable cable..), wich I think is good since these isolate really good and can easily be worn in public (good looking)
Getting these from aloaudio over seas can be pretty expensive, so I think this is a great deal for people outside the us to test these cans,!
Will ship with original package and original cable, aswell as cd and bag.
pictures on request,. nothing special to mention tho, worn indoors and no pet and nonsmoking home...

asking price is 420 $ (+ shippment)

best regard jonas

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