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FS: ALO Amphora with iPod Dock serial number #30 Mint Condition Shipped Worldwide

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  1. lhwj0619
    For Sale

    Hey All,

    I have an ALO Amphora for sale, I bought them from a fellow head-fier LeeSC

    He sold the amp to me along with 2 new batteries and the wall charger and pelican box
    It’s been sitting around unused since I moved into residence at uni

    I've used it for at least 100 hours myself, and it is still in perfect working condition,

    I'd like to sell them for $910 $820 plus shipping as it condition hasn't changed from how it was given to me,

    I will ship worldwide, shipping is included with the price as well as insurence

    Payment made through paypal only and you need to pay fees if there are any.

    Please look at LeeSC's post for images, it is in the exact same condition
    (edit) Send me an email if your interested, i can reply soon as emails come to my blackberry,
    (edit) I have added some photos my camera isn't that good so please understand
    (edit)here is my feedback link, there's only one comment, but i've only ever bought 2 things from here feedback
    Thanks for looking


  2. ctm
    can you post pics with your identifiers?  any feedback references?
  3. lhwj0619
    I shall do pictures with identifiers tonight, I only have 1 feedback so far even though i have bought 2 things, anyway i'll put the link here in the next post along with the pictures.
  4. lhwj0619
    please help! i accept reasonable offers
  5. lhwj0619
    Price now includes shipping to anywhere in the world, Will still consider good offers
  6. lhwj0619
  7. lhwj0619
    Price Drop to 820 shipping included worldwide

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