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Sep 15, 2007
I have Alessandro MS1's for sale. They are in good condition and are about a year old but haven't been used much. The height adjustment stays in place still (I mention this because I heard Grado's height adjustment gets loose a lot and start sliding). I am selling because I realize I just don't have much time to use them since I'm a student and I usually study at cafes or libraries and not at my home where I am forced to use a closed set of phones.

They come with bowls. (The comfies I would send but they are in Chicago and I'm in Philadelphia until winter). They also come with a 1/4inch adapter. As such, I left all the retail packaging in Chicago so I wouldn't be able to send that. If the buyer really wants, they could remind me by sending a quick email in around mid-late December and I'd send both the bowls and packaging for free.

The warranty has expired as this is a little over a year old. I have had about 20 hours of total listening throughout that time. It has a clean, airy, and energetic sound if that is what your looking or. They are supposed to be better balanced than the Grado series which they are based off of and as such they don't have as colored a bass and midrange (this is from what I've read cause I have never listened to a Grado).

I attached some pictures for you guys. I looked at the headphones with a super critical eye for those of you who are like that. I am not and I want to be straight up and honest so I am going to say this pretty bluntly. Near the joints where the headphone wires come together it looks a tad stretched out although I don't remember a time when it wasn't like that. Also all the silver is in mint except I can see a little wear on the bottom of the letters on the right headphone. I tried to take a picture but it really is so small (looks like a line through the letter) that it's hard to picture. Other than that, I really can not find any faults.

Anyways I am pretty firm on price because they do come with bowls (good condition and imo make the headphones sound a lot better) which you have to go and buy and costs about 15-20 bucks for.

$old shipped CONUS only.


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